Baltimore Buzzsaws

FAUX Football's 23rd Annual Draft

AUGUST 19, 2012
4:30 PM
At U.S. Maureen Corr's

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News and Updates

  • Donegal Doom wins it's appeal and is allowed to release RB Michael Turner (ATL), retaining QB Drew Brees (NO) and RB Arian Foster (HOU).

  • Vera Cruz Vipers retained no player for the 2012 season and have the first three selections of 2012 draft.

  • Donegal will exercise the fourth (and final) pick of the first three rounds (pick number 11, round 3), because the remaining 12 teams kept a total of 36 players. For the complete roster list, see the roster page on our league service site:

  • Randomly generated order for snake rounds 5-14 (alternating opposite order in even-numbered rounds):

    1. Perth Amboy Predators
    2. New Orleans Hurricanes
    3. Sioux City Sirens
    4. Petaluma War Pigs
    5. Vera Cruz Vipers
    6. Baltimore Buzzsaws
    7. Phoenix Femmes Fatale
    8. Las Vegas Hitmen
    9. Donegal Doom
    10. Whiskeytown Wharfrats
    11. Cherokee Braves
    12. Manila Folders
    13. Hollister H1N1
    14. Stumptown Stompers
Perth Amboy Predators
Cherokee Braves
Petaluma War Pigs
Donegal Doom
Phoenix Femmes Fatale
Hollister H1N1
Sioux City Sirens
Las Vegas Hitmen
Stumptown Stompers
Manila Folders
Vera Cruz Vipers
New Orleans Hurricanes
Whiskeytown Wharfrats




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